time compass

my headspace has been really swimmey lately. i think about and have been remembering everything. like a really slowed down version of seeing a person’s life flash before their eyes. except more agonizing. a lot of agonizing. god, it sucks. i’ve made an absurd amount of really embarrassing mistakes in my life.

and then there’s this survey, in a link i found in the mail app on my computer. from years ago, but i retook it. and well, the results pretty much told me that which i think about constantly.

if you want to take the survey yourself, here’s the link

reconfirmation, over and over again.

if you read my old blog, then you know that i’ve even posted this link there. like, years ago.

my eyes are burning because i’m in a section of a house that is really poorly ventilated and everyone is smoking like a chimney and there are all kinds of air freshners around. aaaaaaghhhh!

oh, the pop band i’m playing in is recording an album here. that pop band’s name is cheerie plus. you know, it’s supposed to the french word for sweetheart, but grievously misspelled so it only laughs in the face of the perpetual state of irritability that i have come to live with. i’ve endured a few soundchecks in indonesia now. and i’ll have to say: what the hell. so overdubbing (hahaha, freudian typo just now – overdumbing) is extraordinarily frustrating.

now my burning eyes are evolving into a headache.

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