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tomorrow is a dress rehearsal for Co-LAB 5 at Erickson theater.

springtime is here, with it’s unreliable sun and cheek-smacking wind. another reminder that time’s a-wasting.

unless it randomly materializes, my hard drive with all of my pictues from indonesia are long gone, so i have no hard proof as to how i lived for a year (two years ago). if someone else has found it and using is it, i’m sorry you’ve picked up whatever fucked up virus was on it and i really wish i could explain to you all the shit going on in the pictures. the ones i miss the most and regret not posting to my flickr were the ones of the pasar. pictures of fresh-cut tempeh. dried fish in woven baskets. women grinding chilies. blue tarps. the open-air meat market. the bags of rice. the family i bought eggs from.

as unreal as it was when i was living, it’s a mist now since it hasn’t been archived for myself or anyone else to refer to.

i’m really awful at uploading stuff. so a lot of what i actually do just gets sent out into the ether. which, is okay too. i kind of have to feel okay with not knowing how to record my own music, even though i know it’s really important to have something to speak for what i do. but it’s almost like an experiment, how i’m doing life and music as i do now… with not much to account for it. but who conducts an experiment without recording any results? who?!? or conducts an experiment without stating a hypothesis?

technology dictates so much of how people know about each other now, so being out of the technology loop has made me feel like i’m in high school again. like, not knowing about goings on and having some idea that what i don’t know matters a lot more to someone else than it does to me. but i got away with a LOT from my inconspicuous place, which is to say i got away without doing much at all. it’s funny because i work thursday-sunday nights, so i always miss out on artwalks, too.

so, a lot has happened since what… NOW and the LAST TIME i blogged. comings and going. it’s like every time i feel like i’ve got a thing figured out, i realize that i haven’t, and that time’s a wastin!