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Circadies (lt):  Around a day.

Jackie An was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she received classical training in violin under Willa Howells and piano under Martha Hays. Jackie now lives in Seattle, Washington and performs under the solo name, Circadies.

The Circadies project is a cross-breeding of a classical upbringing with a love for dark, textural noise. The project exists to explore the themes of death, renewal and the instinctual wisdom that provides all living beings the drive for survival. Each drone piece is created with the intent to invoke a circadian hypnosis – acting as a means to draw emotions and images from within.

Cross-discipline collaborators have included Matt Holmes, Paige Barnes, Coriolis Dance Collective, Joan Laage and William Carty.

Ensemble work that Jackie has been a contributor of have been bands such as New Red Sun, Lullabies for Falling Empires and Tenderfoot. She has been an orchestra member for Jherek Bischoff, as well as Seattle Rock Orchestra and Thalia Symphony.

Jackie was a 2010 recipient of the Darmasiswa scholarship and studied traditional West Sumatran music at Institut Seni Indonesia Padang Panjang, an experience which she equates to doing hard time in an Arkansas prison with a foreign exchange student twist. When she was still fresh and not so full of despair, she blogged some of her experiences in West Sumatra.

Jackie’s written work, not related to despair or Indonesia, has been published in Omnia Vanitas Review.






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